JOTD : What is Junglish?

11 07 2007

Jungle English, like one mentioned below :

1. Javelish. The typical Javanese language: ‘lho’, ‘lha’, ‘tho’, ‘kok’, ‘kie’, etc
– Lho, I already bought that book!
– Kok, buying again?
– I told you many times ‘tho’!
– Lha, I didn’t know…how kie!?
– Don’t be like that, no…!?

2. Jakartenglish. Jakarte English is marked by the ‘sih’, ‘deh’, ‘dong’, ‘nih’, etc
– That book is very good, deh.
– Can you speak english?… yeah a little sih I can!
– Use my money first nih…
– How sih? Little little angry…
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